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A deeply moving testimony

Every year 2 million young girls are circumcised.
130 million women throughout the world have been mutilated in this way.

According to tradition, female genital mutilation increases fertility and is a guarantee of a woman’s purity and virginity, and of a wife’s faithfulness.
But in fact, this barbaric form of mutilation endangers the lives of the girls it is inflicted upon, deprives them of pleasure forever and destroys their lives as women.

“Two women seized me and dragged me into the room. One of them held my head from behind, her knees crushing my shoulders, pressing down on them with all her weight so that I couldn’t move. The other held my knees, forcing my legs apart. I felt my heart thudding….”

This is the testimony of Khady, who was forced to undergo the nightmare of genital mutilation at the age of seven. Later, as a grown woman, she realised how barbaric the practice was. It is the testimony of a survivor who describes her suffering with extraordinary courage; a woman relentless in her fight to save children throughout the world from this horrific mutilation.

Written in collaboration with Marie-Thérèse Cuny, co-author of :

Burned Alive by Souad – 420,000 copies sold in France
Married by force by Leila – 200,000 copies sold in France


“Her book is a shout of anger.”
Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace

“She denounces the absurdity of a practice depriving women of pleasure and seizing their desires.”

“An astonishingly realistic narrative.”
La Provence


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