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Fräulein France

September 1940. Occupied France.

In a French village, a large town house is requisitioned. One evening, two drunk men rape the woman of the house and brutally murder her husband.

In Paris, the German soldiers take advantage of la vie Parisienne. The brothels have opened back up. Word gets around about one of their residents who is causing quite a stir: France is not only drop-dead gorgeous, she is also very demanding. She and she alone decides which men will have the benefit of her services. What is she hiding behind her cold exterior? Nothing that she does is left to chance because she has a plan that takes up all her thoughts.

With Paris in the hands of the enemy, she will soon enter into the highest circles of power and will mingle with the worst collaborators.

The secret she hides would certainly come as a shock to many…


Foreign versions

Translated in 3 countries

  • Hungary: Lazi Konyvkiado
  • Lithuania: Alma Littera
  • Poland:  Rebis

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