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No One will Get Away

Concord, New Hampshire. Winter of 2007.

Twenty four corpses are discovered in the snowed in construction site of a highway.
Twenty four dead bodies, the victims aged from 18 to 60, of all races, killed by a single bullet to the heart, merely hours before the arrival of the police. There is no sign of a struggle.
A ritual sacrifice? A suicide pact of massive proportions? A gigantic revenge plot?

The peaceful police of New Hampshire takes on the case. But the FBI are conducting their own investigation, and its’ pretty clear they know more than they are letting on. Chief Inspector Stu Sheridan doesn’t appreciate being kept in the dark by the Federal Agency, and decides to conduct an inquiry of his own.

The only strenuous link between the victims is a writer, Ben O Boz. After his fifteen minutes of fame, a dozen years ago, he has slowly sunken back into anonymity, slowly boring his readers away. Obsessed with detail, in search of absolute realism, can he have anything to do with this horrendous crime ? Maybe in his frenetic search for literary accuracy…he got carried away?
In order to get closer to him, Stu Sheridan enlists the help of Frank Franklin, a young creative writing teacher, freshly appointed to his post at Durrisdeer College, an exclusive establishement, that neighbours the scene of crime.

To expose the writer, Sheridan and Franklin are presented with a single solution: manipulate him. But Boz is master at the game. Role play? Taking someone for a ride? What is the last act to what the writer sees as the work of art of his life?


Foreign versions

Translated into 12 languages

  • Czech Republic: Argo
    Finland : Bazar Forlag
    Germany: Heyne
    Greece: Livani Publishing House
    Hungary: LAZI Konyvkiado
    Korea: The Open Book
  • Norway: Bazar Forlag
    Poland: Swiat Ksiazki
    Russia / Ukraine: Family Leisure Club
    Spain: Grijalbo (R H Mondadori)
    Sweden: Bazar Forlag
    Turkey: Pegasus

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