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One Second Before Christmas

A magical, enchanting Christmas tale that grows out of the questions.How does Santa Claus deliver all his packages at once?…. Where is his factory?… Who makes the gifts?… How does it all really work?

These questions about the wonderment and mechanics of Christmas are the furthest thing possible from the thoughts of young Harold on the 16th of October, 1851. Harold is an orphan and street urchin in the sad, grey industrial never-town of Cokecuttle, in Lancashire, England – and he does not suspect the exceptional adventure awaiting him….

Indeed, Harold is about to be called to duty as the new Santa Claus, delivering presents and happiness to his fellow children around the world. He’s given the familiar red suit and a big white beard, too. And he’s set to task.

But… how does Santa Clause deliver all those packages in one night? What about the elves and reindeer? Our little Harold will have to find a very quick answer to those questions after all.


“Written by Sardou for his own children, this story will strike a chord with anyone who has believed in Santa Claus, which might as well be all of us fiction lovers.”
Le Figaro Magazine

“A real Christmas tale, pleasant, full of magic, mystery and emotion.”
Nord Éclair

“Between Dickens’ darkness, the Grimms’ fairytale world and Lewis Caroll’s fancy, a beautiful tale that makes you believe in Santa Claus!”
Télé Loisirs

“A very pleasant journey in a fairytale world, full of surprises and new developments.”
Vers l’avenir


Foreign versions

Sold in 2 languages

  • Germany : Verlagsgruppe Heyne
  • Korea : Munhakdongne Publishing Co.

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