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Volume 2 : The Red Hand

From the birth of the thirteen colonies to the present day, a merciless hatred grows between two families…
A ruthless vendetta with a dazzling historical perspective

1733. One man embarks on a new journey, the other returns home. Englishman, Philip Muir has boarded a ship with one hundred or so pilgrims to populate the newly formed 13th American colony: Georgia. Meanwhile, the pirate most hated by the British crown, Irishman Charles Bateman, has just left prison in Britain to set sail for his hometown, New York. In exchange for his freedom, the infamous buccaneer promised to erase all ties with his past, convert to Protestantism and marry Flora van Cortlandt, daughter of his mysterious benefactor Cornelius van Cortlandt.
Philip discovers uninhabited wilderness. Charles returns to a city filled with enemies and bad memories. Philip dreams of a more just world. Charles wants to destroy the current one.
With strong, intoxicating and rebellious women pushing them forward, the two men become a part of history and amass great fortune. It seems nothing will get in the way of their rise to success. Unless, that is, they cross paths.
In the middle of the American Revolution, the Muirs and the Batemans are waging a war of their own, stronger than ever, and run the risk of losing everything.

From unbridled ambition, rivalry, betrayal, and impossible love, Romain Sardou tells the story of two men caught up in turmoil: two unforgettable destinies; two faces of America.


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