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Volume 1 : The Thirteenth Colony

A ruthless vendetta
A dazzling historical perspective

The year is 1691.
A vessel is making its escape from the coast of Ireland, which has fallen into English hands. Onboard, are Harry and Lilly Bateman. He is the son of a prostitute, she is an illegitimate child born into a noble family. Married against their will, they are shipped to the far off lands of America.

Barely grown out of adolescence, they barely know each other, they do not know what they will find at their destination; they have to build their lives from the ground up.

They discover a newborn America, a land somewhere between Heaven and Hell, where Europeans are parceling out the immense, virgin territories between themselves, building forts, towns and cities, pushing Indian tribes to the brink of destruction.

Harry and Lilly, industrious visionaries both, encounter in the new colony of New York, a rich and devious Englishman, Augustus Muir, who seeks to destroy them. Hatred blooms between the Batemans and the Muirs, an age-long hatred which will inspire the darkest desires for revenge in the generations to come.

In this new fast paced trilogy, Roman Sardou explores the history of a vast land built by simple men, farmers, adventurers and craftsmen.
Year after year we follow Muirs and Batemans on their adventures, faced with trials and tribulations, love and loss, as a major historical event unfolds before our very eyes: the birth of America!


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