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You Are Not Born A Parent, You Become One
Super Nanny's Advice For A Happy Family

“I have seen so many families whose zest for life has disappeared. I have seen many mothers in tears because they can no longer put up with their children. I have seen children push their parents to the limit with remarkable determination. I’ve seen children fight, insult one another, among relentless screaming…

And yet, nothing is ever lost! Because being a parent is not a given. It is something you learn. We may have all the desire in the world but if we don’t hold certain keys we will make mistakes.

Throughout these pages I wanted to convey all my advice and considerations to help you to find, at home, the right path to happiness and harmony.

A household where parents and children flourish.
Where each person finds a place and fulfills their family dream.”

After many years as a governess for children Sylvie Jenaly became the “Super Nanny” on the television program broadcast on NT1 and TF1.
Her experience with distraught families, sometimes on the verge of a nervous breakdown, allowed her to gain unparalleled insight that she wanted to share in this book.


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