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The Boy who Talked to the Wolf

Six lost souls, six connected souls, six souls waiting for one another.

Little Eagle, a 13 year-old Native American, is madly in love with the lovely Wolfen. He decides to take off on a journey in order to become a man and merit Wolfen’s love. But as he embarks on this important journey, a catastrophe almost occurs. Little Eagle’s faithful companion, a wolf named Loulou whose thoughts he can understand, is falsely accused of hurting a child in a small village. Little Eagle saves Loulou, pursued by angry villagers, by jumping in front of him and taking an arrow in his place. He is obliged to chase Loulou out of the village for his own protection. As soon as he heals, Little Eagle takes off to find his dear friend.

Meanwhile, Wolfen, desperate for news from Little Eagle, goes off to find him. On the way, she meets several of his close friends: Vaina, his soul sister, Little Star, his childhood friend whose life has changed drastically and finally Horizon, the child Little Star has just brought into the world. All together, the go off to search for their destiny and for Little Eagle. Will they manage to find each other?
A coming-of-age novel, a philosophical tale, and a love story in which adventure mingles with wide open spaces and a young man discovers his own destiny.

Lucie Lepretre published her first novel Little Eagleat age 12 and was the youngest novelist in France. She is now 16 and once again delivers a novel that shows a level of maturity far beyond her age.


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