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My Testimony

“As far as I can remember, taking action has always been one of my watchwords. I have always been fascinated by the possibility of changing the everyday life, of making the impossible conceivable, of finding rooms to manoeuvre.

Being in politics was no family tradition. Furthermore, I had no influential connections, I wasn’t rich, I was no state servant and I had a foreign-sounding name…

Still, if I decided to get involved in politics, that’s because nothing else could have allowed me to take action not against, nor without, but with the French people. I like the idea of a common action, aiming at the same goal, to restore hope for millions of people. So many of them have given up already. Given up to believe in a more promising tomorrow. Given up to believe in a happier future for their children.

With this book, I would like to explain that nothing is impossible for who dares to try, for who dares to undertake. In a changing world, nothing could be worst for our country as well as for all the French than maintaining the status quo.

I like to build up, to act, to solve problems. Nothing ventured, nothing gained and every effort pays off. That is what I believe in. That is why I am in politics, and why, according to me, it is worth conquering the greatest responsibilities. That is what I want to tell you.”

Nicolas Sarkozy


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  • Brazil: Manole Editora
    Bulgaria: Prosoretz
    China: Shanghai Lexigograph
    Germany: C. Bertelsmann
    Greece: Mallaris Paedeia
    Italy: Nuovo Idee
  • Lebanon : Editions Dar An-Nahar (Arabic language)
    Hungary: Századvég Politikai Iskola Alapítvány
    Netherlands: Meulenhoff
    Portugal: Guerra & Paz Editores
    Romania: Rao Books
  • Russia: Symposium
    Spain: Akal-Foca / Taurus Santillana
    Turkey: Karakutu
    United Kingdom: Harriman House (UK rights only)
    United States: Pantheon / Harper Collins

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