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“As we come to the end of this campaign, throughout which so many subjects have been discussed, so many words have been said, I wanted to say how, and why, it was still possible to imagine a better world for our children, how everything could once again become possible for us, for France, the name we give to our one common destiny. I did not wish to describe a government plan, but to paint a great collective ambition. I want to share this ambition with you.

Together, we can do what the generations before us have done. We can give France back her greatness. We can regain our pride of being French. If we unite, if we want it, if we decide to.

I know that, beyond all our differences, we all share the same idea of France and of the Republic. Strengthened by our common bond, we, the French from all origins, from all social backgrounds, of all ages, can learn once more how to live together, act together, hope together.”

Nicolas Sarkozy


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