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Volume 1 : The city of passions

A dazzling novel that blends thriller and historical saga

It is sixth century B.C. and rumours are raging like wildfire around the ancient city of Babylon… Corpses have been discovered in front of its temples – divine retribution against the Babylonians or sordid crimes? These mysterious murders awaken buried passions: fear, suspicion and anxiety run amok through the alleyways of this capital in the grip of terrible power struggles.

An old, sick king, a conspiring queen, a mad prince, a young scribe dreaming of liberation, a hot-headed general and a ship-owner whose honour has been sullied… They all want to know the truth about these infamous crimes and defend the grandeur of the mythical city.

Conspiracies, betrayals, and love intrigues
A journey to the heart of the scandal-filled lost city


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