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I Am The Most Beautiful Man in The World

This man is a legend, yet all he wants to do is disappear.
And when he finally finds something to live for, it may already be too late…

“Thinking back, I’ve always been beautiful, ever since I can remember…
I say beautiful, but I hear people use other words, such as hot, magnificent, gorgeous, incredible. Mostly, when people see me, they say, “Wow!”
I’ve heard these words in every language, in every way possible. People have said it to me while crying, yelling, just before passing out. They whisper at me, not daring to look straight at me, or eyes wide, eyebrows lifted.
I am the most beautiful man in the world. And, of course, I’m terribly unhappy.”

After the success of his previous novels sold in 15 languages – God Is a Buddy of Mine which sold over 55,000 copies in France and One Hundred Blank Pages which is currently being adapted into a screenplay – comes Cyril Massarotto’s new novel, a sensible and funny tale about the power of appearances and the quest for true happiness.


Foreign versions

Sold in 2 languages

  • Poland: Wydawnictwo Albatros
    Russia: Eksmo


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