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The New Aventures of Arsène Lupin
The Heirs

Arsène Lupin’s Great Return

Who is he? Where does he come from? No one knows. Arsene Lupin is everywhere but nobody knows what he really looks like. The most famous villain of his time, and the most distinguished as well.  One doesn’t attack the most powerful people on Earth, however, without feeling their wrath.

In 1897, the day after the fire at the Charity Bazaar – the pillar of the Parisian high-society – Lupin disappears. He is blamed for the drama. Above all, Athena, the love of his life, was killed in the blaze. Afterwards nothing holds any importance to him.

Ten years later a scandal breaks and he resurfaces. Could he have become a traitor? A daily newspaper, Le Patriot, accuses him of having stolen military secrets in order to sell them to Germany! War is imminent!

Will Lupin finally break his silence?

A thrilling adventure, from the dark alleys of Paris to the Moroccan desert.

All the panache and elegance of a legendary hero. Arsène Lupin is one of France’s most popular fictional characters. He is La Belle Epoque’s most elegant of gentleman thieves.


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