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Give me wings

A new heartwarming story by the movie director of Belle & Sebastien
A wonderful shared experience between father & son

A magical encounter between men and birds

At the origin of Nicolas Vanier’s new novel, there is an incredible and true story, that of Christian Moullec, a passionate meteorologist who has been pursuing a dream for years: to save a species of geese from extinction.

In 1999, he achieved a feat. He led a group of geese behind his microlight on a new migratory route: more than 2,000 km, from Scandinavia to the Camargue, far from malicious hunters, electric cables and rampant urbanization.

In Nicolas Vanier’s novel, Christian is divorced and has a son, Thomas, a grumpy teenager and video game addict, for whom the idea of spending holidays with his father in the wilderness is a nightmare.

However, father and son will come together around a crazy project: to save an endangered species of geese, thanks to Christian’s microlight! Thus begins an incredible and perilous journey… As in the real story, the two will recover eggs, place them in an incubator and accustom them to the engine noise of the microlight. They also decide to dress themselves in woolen robes and the chicks end up considering them as their «parents»!

Give me wings is not just a great adventure, it’s a wake-up call against the disappearance of species and a story that conveys key values and messages.



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