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His name was Sky Eyes; he dreamed of being an eagle.

In the green hell of Vietnam an extraordinary friendship springs up between Sky, an Apache Indian who has enlisted in the American army, and a young French reporter only l8 years old.

35 years ago, Patrick was a young photographer integrated into a patrol of American soldiers in this war in Vietnam which was destroying lives and annihilating all certainties. There it was that he saw him for the first time. Towering, with light gray eyes, his painted face framed by long black hair. Sky Eyes, the Apache, stared at him for a moment, then disappeared…

“You’ll tell my story”, Sky made him promise. Patrick Chavel tells the story of this friendship which led the two of them from the jungle to Paris in the ‘70’s; a mad spiral which was to end on the ancestral lands of the Chiricahua Indians.

This novel by Patrick Chauvell, Sky, is based on a true story, the story of two men and their friendship – two men who by rights should never even have met.


“A beautiful, thrilling and deeply moving book.”
Le Monde des Livres

“An incredible journey to the end of yourself.”
France Soir

“A moving book in which the author seems more weakened by this friendship than by the cruel ground confrontations.”
Le Télégramme

“The powerful and violent story of a friendship.”

“A breathtaking writing, as sharp as a dagger.”

“A bewitching story, passing like a legend through the Mounts of Chiricahuas.”
Le Figaro


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