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The mad king

At the beginning of the year 1392, every dream is possible to Charles VI. Queen Isabeau has just given birth to a son, the country is returning to prosperity, the war with England is coming to an end. But in a few months, a scandal of adultery, an attack on his Prime Minister and an inexplicable disease fall on the young king.

While Charles is weakened by fits of dementia, the wicked move behind the scenes. At the King’s court, vice affects all and ambition is not reserved to the Court’s leaders. In the incredible initiative of destroying the reign, the speculator Nicolas Flamel, the Italian Valentine Visconti, the painter Paul de Limbourg and the chef Taillevent will all have a role to play.

France will suffer fifty years of chaos.

Plots, bloody jousts, unbridled pleasures, The Mad King is a novel about a medieval and exalted France, subject to all passions.


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