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I Started With a Drink

The exceptional story of a woman who became an alcoholic at a very young age, while she worked as an air hostess for a big national company.

Like most alcoholic women, she denies having this sickness, she hides her drinking… And slowly but surely becomes dependent. While trying to get better, she experienced true suffering.
The alcoholism of women is still a taboo subject. For several years, doctors have been ringing alarm bells, alerting us to the fact that there are more and more women alcoholics, who become dependent at a younger and younger age…
Despite the difficulty of getting valid figures, the estimate is that today, in France, 1.5 million women drink more than 3 glasses of alcohol a day, and among them, 600 000 are chronic alcoholics. Yet the damage to women’s health progresses very rapidly.
An imposing testimonial, about a sickness that has spread far but is so well hidden that nobody really knows about it…


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