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Poor fallen souls,
I had to kill you

May 1993. Two sisters, Alice 20 years old and Amber 21 years old, are found dead on the banks of the Garonne. Clad in communion dresses, they face each other, attached to two tree trunks.

The young Martin Servaz, newly inducted into the criminal police squad of Toulouse, participates in his first investigation. He quickly becomes interested in Erik Lang, a well-known thriller writer whose work is as cruel as it is disturbing.

Weren’t the two sisters his fans? Wasn’t one of his best sellers called The Communicant? The case has an unexpected and violent outcome, leaving Servaz crippled with doubt: in this investigation, he believes, a piece is missing, an essential piece.

February 2018. On an ice-cold evening, the writer Erik Lang discovers his wife assassinated… also wearing a communion dress. Twenty-five years after the double murder, the affair comes back to haunt Martin Servaz. The shock arouses his initial fears… to the point of obsession.

A spouse, two sisters, three communicants… and what if the 1993 investigation indicted the wrong man?

For Servaz, the past, resurfacing, will turn into a nightmare. A nightmare written in black ink.

Fear, submission, lies, manipulation
The new thriller by Bernard Minier


Foreign versions

Sold in 5 countries

  • Czech Rep.: Albatros Media (XYZ)
    Italy: La Nave di Teseo
  • Netherlands: Xander
    Poland: Rebis
  • Spain: Salamandra

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