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Everyone dreams one day of being a Prince, and of living in a Palace alongside kings and highly placed men. Prince Michael of Greece recounts with fondness and humour his life amongst the crowned heads of Europe…

Grandson of George the First, King of Denmark, and of Grand duchess Olga, niece of the Tsar, and nephew of the Count of Paris, Michael of Greece is also a cousin of Juan Carlos King of Spain, of the Queen of Denmark, and of Phillip of Edinburgh, husband of the Queen of England.

Through personal memories and privileged encounters, Michael of Greece goes back in time, and touches on the great History of the twentieth century, which concerns us all (World Wars, ever-changing regimes, revolutions around the world), whilst telling us many anecdotes and confidences which he recalls with humour from countryside parties alongside Juliana of Holland and Elizabeth the Second, receptions with De Gaulle and Marie Bonaparte, not forgetting dinner with Prince Yussupov (Rasputin’s killer)…


“A moving and long-awaited book, that makes you explore his most private and exciting memories.”

“For the first time ever, he remembers, in a official way, his relatives who died too early. As a result, he offers a moving collection of portraits.”
Point de Vue

“With a great sense of propriety and restraint, he gives the family chronicle of some characters only known by their official image. Very interesting for the History lovers.”
Sud-Ouest Dimanche


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