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The Siberian

For the first time a Russian author reveals the workings of the Russian mafia…
A thriller where lives are worthless, where money and power are everything.

“Money is the only thing worth living or dying for” is the motto of Katerina Sikorsky, a new generation Russian, desperate to leave the poverty and devastation of Siberia where she grew up. Katerina is beautiful, ambitious, with little scruples. At nineteen, she married one of the most prominent godfathers of the Russian mafia, known as the “Owner”.

Nobody knows the real name of the Owner: it was only ten years ago when he was still called Andrei Krylov, one of the brilliant minds of the Soviet Communist Party, raised in the West, a member of the “Golden Cage”, the all-powerful think tank of the KGB.

Taking advantage of the chaos born out of the fall of the Soviet Union, the Owner has built a financial empire, built on blood and bones. Now he runs his business from a yacht that never leaves international waters of the Mediterranean.

To his misfortune, James Maguire, an American thirty-two year old banker, on the run for his own criminal wrongdoings, will cross the destiny of this highly dangerous couple.

An entire country switched to a mafia system, where only the lucky survive…


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