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Volume 2 : The Son of Light

First a symphony and then a serenade…
Mozart keeps on composing, as if his own existence was dependent on it. But his employer, the Prince and Archbishop of Salzburg doesn’t like this exhibited freedom at all, for he only stands obedience.

As a result, the rebel young musician decides to escape for good by moving on his own to Vienna where he finally meets love, in the person of Constance Weber — the own sister of the beautiful Aloysia with whom he had been deeply in love before. He is only twenty-three and has already so many plans. His concerts are very successful, he will soon get married and a first child is about to be born…

As far as he is concerned, Thamos, the artist’s faithful companion, tries to create, with the help of some friends, a real Lodge able to pass the Masonic rites inspired by the Egyptian Great Mysteries on to his protégé. That’s dangerous, for the monarchy doesn’t like what is seen as the beginning of a revolution. But Mozart doesn’t give up: at twenty-eight, he becomes a novice Free Mason… and his vision of the world changes. He owns the “Light”, Figaro is coming…

In this new four-volume novelistic series, Christian Jacq discloses the secret relationship between Mozart and Free Masonry and tells about the spiritual adventure and secret life of one of the greatest geniuses ever.


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  • Brazil: Bertrand
    China: Beijing Fonghong Media
    Czech Republic: Euromedia
    Hungary: Europa
    Korea: Munhakdongne
  • Italy: Cairo
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  • Slovakia: Ikar
    Taiwan: Sitak group / Global Group
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