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Volume 1 : The Great Wizard

For the 250th birthday of the composer, Mozart Christian Jacq discloses the secret bounds which linked together Mozart, Freemasonry and Ancient Egypt

Mozart had been initiated into the Mysteries of Isis and Osiris. Though not widely-known, this is undisputable a fact. Christian Jacq is going further by delivering an ambitious and captivating novel. In Mozart, the greatest musician ever meets an imaginary character who will help him, through Freemasonic initiation, to achieve his destiny.

Mozart is seven years old. A child prodigy, he borrows his sister’s harpsichord, « looking for the notes which love each other ». Sonata, offertory, requiem, opera… his childish universe is a musical one. He composes again and again, despite the continual journeys throughout Europe, despite the malevolent Court musicians, despite his wearing illness.

When close to be overwhelmed by discouragement, he meets a strange person: Thamos, Count of Thebes. Everyone is fascinated by this Oriental great prince; thanks to him, the doors of all the highly placed ones of Vienna, Paris and London are open again to Mozart.

Thamos is the last keeper of an eternal knowledge. He has come from Egypt to achieve a mission: he must find the « Great Wizard », a genius whose works will preserve humanity from chaos. Young Mozart is the one. Thamos knew it that day he saw the child playing one of his compositions on his piano.
From Vienna to Prague, from Milan to Paris, Mozart and Thamos will fight against the mightiest adversary: Empress Maria Theresa of Austria. Fearsome member of the Imperial Austrian police force Joseph Anton was given the order to kill the great composer and, by doing this, to destroy the emerging Freemansonry.

Trial by trial, in spite of the obstacles, Mozart is moulding The Magic Flute. In this sublime opera, he delivers a Secret. This secret will disrupt the century. And will lead to the murder of the composer.

Author's interview

How did you come up with the idea of such an ambitious novel?

I was in Philae, the island of Isis, when I realised how close Egypt and Mozart were connected, far beyond time and space. I hope this wonderful place will be discovered one day by a talentuous movie director to become the film set of an authentic Magic Flute. Since then, I have been thinking of writing a novel about this spiritual, secret and fantastic experience, about this composer of genius.

How did Mozart find the way to Egypt ?

The young composer was initiated by the extraordinary Ignaz von Born. This master, who would become the model for Master Sarastro in The Magic Flute, was one of the heirs of Ancient Egypt esoteric tradition. This tradition had been passed on by Egyptian exiles which kept on practising their rituals, hidden in their temples, in Edfu, Dandera or Philae.

Which was this tradition ? What did these rituals consist in?

Greek author Plutarch, himself initiated, wrote an important treatise about the Mysteries of Osiris in which he tells about the legend of the murdered and dismembered god. His wife, Isis, put her husband’s organs together again and brought him back to life. Many brotherhoods — as, ultimately, Freemansory — were inspired by these Isiac Mysteries. Through their initiation, the worshippers of Isis can see the sun shining in the middle of the night and get close to the gods.

Can these teachings be found in Mozart’s works ?

Of course, they can ! And especially in the wonderful Magic Flute, his Masterpiece. If you read the libretto with great attention, the royal couple formed by Tamino and Pamina « will pass through fire, water, air and earth (…). Enlightened, both will be able to dedicate themselves wholly to the mysteries of Isis. » After triumphing over trials, the heroes do receive happiness and consecration from Isis.


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