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Volume 4 : The Duel of The Mages

The ultimate confrontation of Prince Setna and the black mage

Prince Setna is about to find his betrothed Sekhet, who is hiding in Memphis from assassins. But the black mage, Kekou, manages to outwit him. He kidnaps the young woman to steal her soul. Only this terrible ploy could allow him to use the power of Osiris’ Cup and turn it into a weapon of destruction.

Setna must hurry to save his love. With his loyal partners, he throws himself in a terrible fight against Evil.

Will he manage to thwart Kekou’s evil traps? Will he be able to defeat the foul scheme Kekou has been hatching against Ramses the Second? Will he finally find Osiris’ Cup?

A masterful finale where bravery, wit and magic confront


Foreign versions
  • Czech Republic: Euromedia
    Italy: TEA
    Poland: Rebis
  • Spain: Planeta
    Turkey: Nemesis

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