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Volume 2 : The Forbidden Book

An intricate web in the court of Ramses II. Will love be strong enough to foil the evil plot ?

Prince Setna, the youngest of Ramses’ sons, must go to the capital to interrogate his father about the disappearance of Osiris’ sealed vase, which contains the secret of life and death. But the path to its recovery is riddled with danger and there is no guarantee that the Pharaoh will accept to tell him the truth. Setna nonetheless has a mission to accomplish: obtain the forbidden Book of Thot, which is the only way to stop the thief, a black mage with fatal designs.

At the same time, Setna’s fiancé Sekhet has been in hiding ever since her father made a terrible revelation to her and has since wanted to kill her. Undercover at a farmer’s home, she will once again be forced to flee to escape her executioners.

Will Sekhet be able to transmit the terrible secret she holds to Setna? All the while the black mage is making his way down the path of evil…


Foreign versions

Sold in 6 languages

  • Czech Republic: Euromedia
    Italy: TEA
    Netherlands: Xander
  • Poland: Rebis
    Spain: Editorial Planeta
    Turkey: Nemesis

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