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Volume 3 : The Soul Thief

Danger in the Court of Ramses II

Prince Setna has just escaped from the river where the Gods had thrown him for having stolen the Forbidden Book. While all believe he is dead, Setna makes his way towards the sacred city of the Cat-Goddess where he hopes to find the vase of Osiris, without which he cannot stop the black mage.

Meanwhile Sekhet is hiding in the temple of the Lion Goddess, the patron saint of physicians. She is aware that time is running out and that they must fight together against the Darkness. Nonetheless, and in spite of all warnings, she stays within reach of the black mage, her father, who, with the help of his Syrian network, is preparing a vast offensive against Ramses.

Separated and distraught, how can Setna and Sekhet continue to fight against the relentless progress of the mage?


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  • Spain: Editorial Planeta
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