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The Investigations of Inspector Higgins
Volume 23 : School of Crime

Somewhere in England, the headmaster of a rather peculiar school decides to retire and appoints his successor. But his choice is disputed and the debate quite bloody…

The police then discovers five bodies. Including his own…

Despite the gloomy scene, nobody can even imagine the abomination hidden behind this seemingly peaceful institution. For it is, in truth, a school for crime!

Distraught, Scotland Yard has only one resort left to identify the Evil mastermind at work: Inspector Higgins! He only can discover the appalling truth.

In addition to his fantastic novels about ancient Egypt, Christian Jacq is also the author of a cult series, The investigations of Inspector Higgins, which has captivated thousands of readers.

Inspector Higgins, a worthy heir to Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot, is the hero of this cozy crime series.


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