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There Where the Sun Disappears

” When I first began this story I knew that the pages of the genocide and the massacre of my family in Rwanda, in 1994, were waiting for me. I knew that writing about this ancient agony would be like putting spoonfuls of pili-pili sauce in an open wound that we desperately want to believe has healed. And, in the retrospective process, I discovered other wounds. Deep. Burning. This book took me almost five years to finish.”

For the first time the singer Corneille revisits the Rwandan genocide, the miracle of his survival, his infallible hope, his dreams, the immense success that he has experienced, but also the distance that he had to take these past years in order to for him to reconnect with his history and his roots.

A heart-rending story, written in an extraordinarily poetic manner, of an artist, but above all of a man, in search of his truth.

A strong testimony
An account on resilience
Singular and poetic writing

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