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The Witches’ Chorus
Volume 1

After Calmel’s previous novels, 2 million copies sold in France and translated into 15 languages,
A fabulous new historical novel, bursting with magic and sensuality.

The year is 1483, the place is the grounds of the Baron of Sassenage’s castle, in the middle of the Vercors region. Algonde, the intendant’s daughter, is drowning. As her fiancé watches helplessly, a current sweeps her away towards a mountain, which is said to be haunted by the fairy Melusine.

But to everyone’s amazement, the current rejects her, and she is found on the riverbank, pale and frozen, yet alive.

No one knows how she survived. She’s in shock, and claims to have seen… Melusine, but she refuses to say more. But from that moment on, her mind seems to be elsewhere, and everywhere she goes, a sparrow hawk starts following her around, as if to protect her. What is happening to Algonde? What pact did she enter in exchange for her life?

Then one day Helen, the baron’s daughter, who was raised in a convent, comes home. An unsettling bond suddenly seems to arise between the two young women, and Algonde realises that their destinies are tied, and commits herself body and soul to the pretty young baroness, whose future promises to be dazzling.

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Foreign versions

Sold in 3 languages:

  • Romania: Rao
  • Spain: Circulo de Lectores
  • Ukraine/Russia: Family Leisure Club


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