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The Witches’ Chorus
Volume 2

In the style of Le Lit d’Alienor and Bal des Louves, the sequel to the magnificent Chant des Sorcières, a magical historical novel, abounding and sensuous.
It is the winter of 1484. At the court of Helen of Sassenage, the pretty Algonde impresses with her lively spirit and her grace, dressed in sumptuous clothes. And yet…the young girl misses the times she used to run around in haystacks wearing wooden shoes, a time filled with promises of happiness from her beloved Mathieu.

Algonde has many dangers to fear. While the courtiers enjoy themselves, the pieces of the game slowly come together. Everything can be a trap, set by Mélusine as part of her devious plans, or by the horrible Marthe,whose black soul accepts no limits… And in Algonde’s belly, grows secretly the one who will hold the power to change
Good and Evil will face off once again, and Algonde may well fear and try to fight the destiny that has been set for her, but she cannot escape it: the fight will be terrible.


Foreign versions

Sold in 3 languages:

  • Romania : Rao
  • Spain: Circulo de Lectores
  • Ukraine/Russia : Family Leisure Club


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