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The Queen of Light
Volume 1 : Elora

In a dark forest, deep in the Vercors region, Elora, Baroness Hélène de Sassenage’s young adopted daughter, discovers the remnants of a dead body. Instead of running away terrified, Elora searches through the man’s belongings to find the precious message he had come to deliver.
Indeed, Elora is not a child like all the others: she is a descendant of Mélusine, and as such, she possesses a fairy’s knowledge and powers.
At that moment, Hélène de Sassenage has no idea of the impact this murder will have on her destiny. Elora, however, knows very well what it will be: their twisted path will lead them all the way to Rome, and the peaceful, happy times they have known will only return after many tears, and much blood, will be spilt…

From the dark underground passages of the Dauphiné to the gilded sumptuousness of the Vatican under Borgia rule, a fight to the death between Good and Evil will trap the characters in its deadly throes.

Whether they are bandits, princesses, vagabonds and witches, whether they are fighting the Pope or evil fairies, all will encounter passion, drama and love before finally solving all the mysteries that surround them.

After the saga The Witches’ Chorus which sold close to 120,000 copies, this new saga in two volumes will please Mireille Calmel’s readers. Her novels with proud and brave heroines have been a huge success: Eleanor’s Bed, The House of the Wolves and Lady Pirate sold 2 million copies and have been translated into more than 10 languages.


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