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Volume 2 : The Broken Alliance

1172, Early one morning, Eleanor gets out of bed, leaving her husband Henry asleep. But appearances are deceiving. For years now, Eleanor has been living far from Henry. Their legendary union is no more and their empire is under threat. Power and pleasure-hungry, Henry is losing ground and isolating himself from his sons. Fiery Eleanor tries to calm her sons’ anger.
The time has come for Loanna to make a choice. What must she do when Eleanor, her queen and duchess, expects her to rise up against her beloved Henry? Will the budding and passionate union between Richard the Lionhearted and Eloin, Loanna’s daughter manage to reunite Eleanor and Henry’s broken union?
In this whirlwind of passion, history and magic mingle and individual destiny mixes with that of entire populations in a heart-racing war: one that rips a family apart, devastates an empire and destroys a life.


Foreign versions

Sold in 2 languages :

  • Czech Republic : Brana
  • Poland : Książnica

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