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Louis XIV
Volume 1 : The Sun King

The untold story of the king Louis The Great

Max Gallo employs his talent to take us back to Louis XIV’s side, into his thoughts, to show us his humanity. He tells us all about the future king’s tormented childhood, sheltered by so many personalities (Anne of Austria, Cardinal Mazarin, and Colbert), from the apprenticeship of his future role to the impatience to grow up and take full power. The author tells us his story as an adult, about his relationships with women (Marie Theresa, Mademoiselle de La Valliere, Marie Mancini, Madame de Montespan). He was just as capable of folding before them as he was of pouring out his sorrows in secret.

This first volume takes us alongside the Sun King on his road to glory part of it brilliantly staged by Max Gallo… A great success.

Author's interview

Max Gallo talks about Louis XIV

“He is the Sun King. Louis XIV. Louis the Great. He is a head above all the courtiers that surround him, bending at the knees, full of flattery. Women try their best to attract him. His legs, set off by silk stockings, are the handsomest in the kingdom, they whisper. He climbs on stage, adorned like a god. He dances the Royal Ballet of the Night. He is the Sun, master of the order of the world.

What is the life of a man who since his earliest days is His Majesty the King of France? I wanted to write an intimate account of the life of the Sun King.”


Foreign versions

Sold in 4 languages

  • China : New Century
    Italy: Mondadori
  • Poland: Rebis
    Romania: Allfa

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