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Lady Pirate
Volume 1 : The King's valets

Earthly, violent and passionate, Mary Read — the legendary pirate — is one of the heroines that Mireille Calmel, since The Eleanor’s Bed and The She-Wolves Ball, excels in recalling.

London, 1696.
Dressed up as a boy since her childhood to get educated, Mary keeps her male clothes on when she has to manage on her own after her mother’s death. Fate seems to dog her when the boat in which she has taken refuge is attacked by corsairs. However, her destiny is sealed on that very day.

Seduced by Captain Claude de Forbin, she discovers the joys of sea and love jousts… But being a woman prevents her from staying on board. She carries on her adventures in Saint-Germain-en-Laye King Jack’s Court. Between palace schemes and plots, Mary always keeps her goal in mind, which is to uncover the secret of a pendant she stole from her uncle. This will lead her much further than she could have guessed.


Modes et Travaux

“From London to Versailles, from Venice to the Caribbean, her feverish and thrilling adventures will carry you away. The rain may fall, your summer will be sunny if you follow Lady Pirate, determined to uncover the secret of a pendant stolen from her uncle.”
Côté Femme

“The story of this fiery woman corsair of the 17th Century as seen by Mireille Calmel’s novelistic genius.”
Télé Loisirs

“A whirl of adventures that gives you a change of scenery, a reading that appeals to what’s best in you: your childish soul.”
Paris Match

“A great saga (…) Nervous, efficient, avoiding the commonplaces, her writing quickly embarks you on a fabulous journey full of new developments.”


Foreign versions

Sold in 5 languages : 

  • Spain : Martinez Roca
  • Japan : Soshisha
  • Czech Republic : Euromedia
  • Romania : Rao Books
  • Russia : Nova Littera

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