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Oksa Pollock
Volume 3 : The Heart of Two Worlds

Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, torrential rain…

The Earth is crumbling apart! While London is being is flooded by the overflowing waters of an angry Thames, Oksa and the Pollock family escape, and embark on a quest for the Portal that will lead them to Edefia, the magical land of their forefathers. It is their only chance to bring back stability to the world.

A dangerous mission for Oksa, the Young Graciousness, who is forced to unite with the Felons, her mortal ennemies who would stop at nothing to betray her. Fortunately, she has a lot of help! Her formidable grandmother, Dragomira, her father Pavel who turns into a dragon when he is angry, and Gus and Tugdual, rivals both trying to conquer her heart; let’s not forget the loyal Foldingots, The Incompetent, the Guessrels, and all manner of other extravagant creatures…

Encountering a myriad of pitfalls, and all sorts of adventures along the way, Oksa will reach the secret entrance to Edefia. But to cross it, she must pay a terrible price, and be brave enough to step into the unknown. What will she find as she steps through the Portal?

Oksa Pollock has conquered Europe! Since the first volume’s publication in 2010, in this young adult series written by two librarians from Strasburg, the adventure becomes legend. French press is in the throes of “Pollockmania”, more than 100,000 copies sold in a few short months, and more than 20 countries are about to release Oksa Pollock.
And last but not least, film rights have been bought by SND, a part of the M6 Group.


“A publishing fairytale”
Le Figaro magazine

“Watch out, Harry Potter! Here comes Pollockmania”
Le Point

“Powerfully seductive. Definitely magical”

“Phenomenon: Supergals”

“The saga is going to create a whirlwind in bookshops”
Le Nouvel Obs

“We are all Pollockmaniacs”


Foreign versions

Translated into 19 languages

  • Brazil: Suma / Santillana group
    Catalonia: Planeta
    Croatia: Skolska Knjiga
    Czech Rep.: Jota
    Germany: Oetinger verlag
  • Israel: Dani Books
    Italy: Sperling & Kupfer
    Japan: Nishimura
    Korea: Sodam & Taeil
    Latvia: SIA J.L.V.
  • Norway: Det Norske Samlaget
    Poland: Czarna Owca
    Romania: Allfa
    Russia: Olma Media
    Slovakia: SPN Mlade Leta
  • Spain: Planeta
    Taiwan: Sun Colors
    Turkey: Artemis / Alfa Group
    UK: Pushkin Press

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