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Oksa Pollock
Volume 4 : The Cursed Ties

The times are changing…

Destiny is being fulfilled just as Oksa is turning sixteen. While the Two Worlds are experiencing great chaos, she at long last becomes the monarch of Edefia, her magical homeland, and restores much-needed balance.

Edefia is in quite a pitiful state and Oksa is able to use her powers to make improvements. But the Felons, her mortal enemies Ocious and his son Orthon, cannot wait to get a hold of her. While the people of Edefia rejoice in the return of their Graciousness, the Felons pillage and plunder its towns and cities to capture her. Battles ensue. With the help of her people, of the Ageless Fairies and her faithful critters, Oksa holds her ground.

But the savoir of Edefia is also a teenager and has her own teenage worries: She is decidedly more in love with Tugdual, but who is he really? Will she ever see her mother and her beloved Gus again?
In Evil Ties, victory comes with a price. Blood ties and romance get jumbled and Oksa must face some difficult choices. Will she come out on top?

Warning, this book is magical. Once we get to know Oksa, we can’t live without her, or without the amazing Pollock family and the extravagant creatures of their world…-

The story of this book is just as fantastic as its content. Oksa Pollock’s adventures were originally self-published by Anne Plichota and Cendrine Wolf, and immediately became an unprecedented success through word of mouth among its young readers. Pollockmania is only getting started…

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Foreign versions

Translated into 10 languages

  • Croatia: Skolska Knjiga
  • Germany: Oetinger verlag
  • Israel: Dani Books
  • Japan: Nishimura
  • Korea: Sodam & Taeil
  • Poland: Czarna Owca
  • Slovakia: SPN Mlade Leta
  • Taiwan: Sun Colors
  • Turkey: Artemis / Alfa Group
  • United Kingdom: Pushkin Press

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