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Tara Duncan
Volume 9 : Battles the Black Queen

“No way!”

To general astonishment, on the day of her sixteenth birthday, Tara categorically refuses to become Empress of Omois, when her Aunt Lisbeth steps down to give her niece the crown.

And surprise turns into terror when Tara turns into… the Black Queen! Evil and willing to do anything to gain power, she has been hidden deep within Tara, biding her time since she began using magic in the Limbes….

Tara must flee OtherWorld, so as to avoid being arrested as the Black Queen. She has to go to Earth, and stop Magister. She knows that sooner or later, she will have to face this thing inside her. Is it a demonic spector? Or the darkest part of her own soul? Who will triumph in the end?

Love, humour and magic abound in the newest adventure of Tara Duncan and her friends. Tara must face her destiny, more than ever before. Will she be the future Empress of Omois? Or will the diabolic Magister win in the end?


Foreign versions

Sold in 2 languages

  • Japan: Media Factory
    Korea: Sodam and Taeil



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